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Villa Samudra Beachfront caters to weddings, and events including corporate gatherings, and family or small group parties/functions/retreats.

  • Event Facilities
    Events are held at the spacious beachfront garden, ocean deck and pool area, with tents based on guest preference. Total area of beachfront villa is 1800m2.
    (Villa Layout as attached).
  • Number of Guest
    Villa Samudra may cater for
    • up to 150 persons for both sitting and standing events.
    • Event fees
    • Event Fee              : US $ 1150++
    • Banjar Fee             : IDR 4,250,000
  • Weddings/Events Pre-requisite
    To hold weddings or events, the villa must be booked with minimum :
    • On Low Season minimum villa stay 2 nights
    • On High Season minimum villa stay 4 nights
    • On Peak Season minimum villa stay 7 nights
    Villa rates depend on seasons, aside from event fee and Banjar fee
  • Security Deposit
    Security Deposit of US1000 is required to be paid 14 days prior to events or weddings. The Security Deposit will be refund in full 3 days after events or weddings, where there is no loss or damage to the Villa. (Please read our Booking Terms and Conditions on Loss or Damage)
  • Curfews
    As Villa Samudra is located within the quiet Majapahit Estate, guests and event organizers need to be mindful of sounds. Villa Manager will ascertain acceptable sound level for music, general curfew hours are as follows:
    - 11:00pm for live bands, live DJ
    - 12:00am for amplified music
    - After 12:00am for reasonable house stereo system
  • Facility Limitations
    - Satellite kitchen in the back garden may be constructed
    - Toilets in the bale and one toilet in bedroom may be open for Event
    - Ample parking is available at nearby site.
  • Event Requirements
    - All events are required to have a qualified Event Organizer approved by Owner representative before an event booking can be confirmed.
    - Event organizers must be onsite for the entire period of the main event including set up, event and clean up.
    - Structures such as marquees, service bars, pool platforms, dance floors need to be included on the Site Plan for approval, marquees should be freestanding where possible, staging and platforms should have drop sheets put down before painting.
  • Power, Cabling and Lighting
    Villa electrical supplies are generally not sufficient to cater for events. In order not to damage the supply and to protect the villa from fire hazards the guidelines below need to be followed:

- No power is to be drawn from the villa supply
- A generator with minimum 40KVA should be supplied
- Cables should not be dug into lawns
- Cables should try to follow edges of concrete / grass where possible
- Cable traps should be laid in high traffic areas or where cables may pose a safety risk
- Electric lanterns are permitted to be hung from trees using existing nails only
- Heavy lighting must be attached by metal brace and not by hooks and nails
- Paper candle lanterns, fireworks or Thai wishing lanterns are not permitted
- All candles should have candle bases to prevent wax spillage

  • Local Community
    We encourage Event Organizers to use the Pabean community resources such as flower girls, rindik, gamelan etc.
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